Chalet Style Quartz Cuckoo Clock


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With hand painted detail and a moving water wheel and wood chopper, this 30cm (11.5″) clock has a woodland cuckoo call on the full hour and music on the hour. The detail is hand carved and hand painted as are the flowers on the case and it has wooden hands. The wooden figurines rotate as the music plays. There are several different tunes including the traditional ‘Eidelweiss’ and ‘Happy Wanderer’. This clock is made by the Hones workshop in the Black Forest who are one of the quality manufacturers who supply our mechanical cuckoo clocks. The clock is driven by 3xLR14 batteries. It has imitation weights and chains. The music can be turned off at any time and there is a light sensor which will turn the sound off when it is dark.

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Quartz battery






M (26-35cm)



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